Make Goals, not Resolutions

Welcome to 2013. Friends and family have gone home, black eyed peas have been consumed, and if you’re a resolution maker you’re in the throes of avowing to be a different you in some way.  Let’s zone in on the definition of resolution for a moment.

Resolution. (n.d.) In Merriam Webster online. Retrieved from

1: the act or process of resolving: as
a: the act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones…

Ok, stop there. Resolutions all too often are the complete opposite of that excerpt. Common resolution themes range from losing weight to quitting smoking, and from ridding stress to gaining career success. These may be great goals, but often they’re a ship without a course. How can you reach your destination when you haven’t a notion of how to get there? Try keeping it simple.

Guide your efforts with a plan. If you have a large goal, try bite-sized pieces first. If you want to lose weight for example, start reading and gathering information before catapulting into a crash diet or a kamikaze workout plan. Many of the healthiest people around have consumed countless amounts of information from a variety of sources, and likely attained expert counsel whether medical or otherwise. Educate yourself, and then act.

Opt in to positive thinking when working your plan. Hardships come when working towards goals, but don’t let obstacles or negative talk get in your way. Imagine your goal not with a beginning and end, but rather as a continuum, enabling you to get better and better.

Acknowledge your wins along the way. Look at where you are today, write down where you want to be, and set daily mini goals that are realistic and fit into your life as it is today. As you accomplish those daily goals it’s very important to recognize your success. If you don’t hit your daily goals then re-evaluate and scale back. If your goals are easy then perhaps it’s time to up the ante.

Love yourself no matter what. Always remember that everyone has good days and bad. If you began your journey on a quest to better yourself, then don’t lose sight of that, and keep on going. If you fall down then get up. If you succeed even in a small way then celebrate it. Be proud that you are doing this for yourself, and keep moving forward. You’ll get there, and be glad that you did.


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